Friday, September 25, 2009

The Third Little Pig

Following the installation of limestone pieces that surround the new windows, a whole lot of brick was laid on the south addition in the last week. It is astounding how much brick was added, especially when you consider that each brick is placed individually. I didn't count exactly, but I think it took about 6 workdays for about 5 guys to complete the work. I'll take some more pictures as soon as it stops raining, but I wanted to share the first picture I got of the house looking so much more complete!

View of the southeast corner of the south addition.

Limestone and brick surrounding the windows of the existing house.

New limestone and brick surrounding a new window on the south addition. As you can see, it was designed to match the style of the original structure.

And these pictures have nothing to do with brick...

The dining room set for our first formal dinner. It was awesome to have space for everyone in attendance to sit and enjoy dinner in the same space!

Look what the students got me! Sooooo sweet!

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