Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Grand Entrance

You may remember me mentioning in the last post that the foyer was set to receive a bit of a remodel over Labor Day weekend. I sifted through my old pictures from the very end of the school year and managed to dig up a "before" photo of the foyer. It's not very good (and apparently I was getting ready to haul out some trash before taking this?), but you get the idea of what the foyer used to look like - white tile floor, white wallpaper, gold chandelier (with black mini-shades, though you can't see them in the pic).

Foyer - before

Here you can see what a dramatic change just flooring and a new fixture can make in the look of a room.

Foyer - 09/01/09

The problem with the partial remodel, though, was that then the wallpaper started to look a little shabby next to the shiny new flooring and a new chandelier. It seemed like every little tear or scratch or scuff in the paper was a giant blemish on the new entryway. And so, it had to come down:

Tearing down wallpaper is a messy process.

The end result is a much more modern look that more closely matches the newly remodeled house in style.

A rich gold color adds warmth to the space.

...And the rich red in the doorway adds a little drama.

More pics when the decor gets back on the walls.


  1. This looks really great! I would like to use these photos for a special project--can you please e-mail me at to discuss? Thank you! Best, Ally Ramsey - Director of Housing

  2. I love how the house looks! Can you tell me what the gold paint color on the walls is? I have been wanting a gold paint color for my home and I think the gold wall color at Delta Gamma is amazing!

  3. Sherwin Williams "Mannered Gold SW6130"